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Step into a world where customization knows no bounds. Crafted for individuals who understand the art of design, Keralini opens doors to endless possibilities, transforming spaces into personalized reflections of individual style. Your dream design awaits, inviting you to experience Keralini—a symphony of individuality and elegance.


A true masterpiece, our ceramic slab is created to highlight your individuality, seamlessly merging with your unique design. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing, sourced from the finest Italian factories, Keralini’s exquisite ceramic slab is curated for those with discerning taste.
Imagine standing in the center of a room with your eyes closed, envisioning the perfect material to bring your project to life.


It flawlessly highlights individuality and complements your design: sophisticated, aesthetic, hygienic, eco-friendly and prestigious.


This is the ceramic stoneware born in the finest Italian factory under the Keralini brand. The brand produces large-format ceramic slabs specifically for you – the discerning customer seeking modern materials to decorate interiors and create refined yet practical designs.

Calacatta Dorato
Exquisite Large Ceramic Slabs – the ideal choice for creating stylish furniture facades.


Unique and sophisticated

Keralini stands out with its creative approach and unconventional decor execution. We create our products for those who dare to realize their bold and exclusive visions.


Our large ceramic slabs offerings are perfect for talented designers and discerning clients who seek the best for their space.

Keralini Large Ceramic Slab – a highly popular material across Europe for enhancing walls and floors, crafting interior partitions, designing elegant windowsills, stairs, stylish kitchen countertops, islands, and even for creating stunning exterior facades.

Keralini’s decors are the perfect choice for transforming your design vision into reality, whether it’s for interior spaces or exterior settings in restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, and various commercial venues.


The brand’s exclusive offerings meet all essential criteria, verified through independent international certification, guaranteeing flawless material quality and outstanding technical characteristics.


With the expertise of specialists and refined high-tech production, Keralini slabs exhibit perfectly smooth surfaces and impeccable quality, maintaining their excellence throughout the material processing journey.

Keralini brand offers the most delightful path to your desires just in three steps – imagine, create and enjoy!


of your preferences and possibilities with Keralini

Elevate your spaces with Keralini: where innovation meets timeless Italian quality!


At Keralini, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly blending timeless Italian quality with cutting-edge design. Our collection of large ceramic slabs is a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that transcend trends.


Our matte and polished textures, similar to marble, provide a variety of decorative options for unique design solutions. Decors of Keralini collection provide interesting accents to create an exclusive atmosphere in any space.


What sets Keralini apart is not just the beauty of our slabs, but also their durability and functionality. Resisting chemicals, wear, and temperature changes, our slabs are not only fireproof but also eco-friendly, making them a sustainable choice for the conscientious consumer.


These slabs maintain a flawless appearance, ensuring a functional and safe environment for your projects. Whether you’re working on a commercial space or a residential haven, Keralini slabs offer the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality, allowing your potential dreams to come true!


Keralini understands the undeniable truth that living spaces are an extension of one’s identity and aspirations. Our large ceramic slabs are not just material, they are a medium through which you can bring your own dreams or your clients’ dreams to life.


Experience the Keralini difference – where innovation meets timeless Italian quality and spaces are transformed into exceptional works of art. Choose Keralini for a brand that values exclusivity, quality and the limitless potential for dreams to come true!

Enjoy Your Life With, The Design Inspiration of Italian Families.