Statuario Leonardo


Keralini Statuario Leonardo is a large ceramic slab décor that is in no way inferior to the beauty of natural marble. The milky white stone slab is cut by numerous grey veins, which are reminiscent of fine scratches in places and deep fissures elsewhere. The versatile Keralini Statuario Leonardo decor is ideal for kitchens with light colours.

Keralini specialises in the production of high-quality large ceramic slab, which is one of the most versatile finishing materials.

The idea behind the brand is based on three steps: imagination, creation and enjoying the results. The unique large ceramic slab decors from Keralini are inspired by the beauty of Italian design.

Add style and elegance to your space with our ceramic plates!

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Technical details

Surface: type & size

  • 1600 x 3200 x 6mm in stock
  • 1600 x 3200 x 12mm in stock
  • 1600 x 3200 x 20mm pre-order
  • 1600 x 3200 x 6mm pre-order
  • 1600 x 3200 x 12mm pre-order
  • 1600 x 3200 x 20mm pre-order

Keralini offers:


Hygienic and food-contact suitability

Frost resistance

Moisture resistance

Impact resistance


Easy care

Usability for both indoor and outdoor spaces